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Welcome to Neck of the Woods

Last year, we created “Spa Sessions” to promote, and give a spotlight to, the fantastic music being made by Bath Spa University alumni. And now it’s time to think bigger...

Our aim at ‘Neck Of The Woods’ is to create a community that celebrates artistry, creativity and brilliant music, inclusive of all styles – from Bath, Bristol, and beyond. We are always looking for new music so feel free to contact us if you’re planning on releasing something soon.

Throughout 2021 and beyond, we will be giving you filmed live sessions (fully mixed and mastered, of course!), interviews, blogs, regularly updated playlists, and a constant stream of content for musicians and music-lovers alike to sink their teeth into. This is a project created by unsigned artists FOR unsigned artists. For nearly a whole year now the creative industry as a whole has taken a huge hit and morale is low – but now it’s time to take some power back. We are passionate about providing a platform for other people like us, and this platform is now here.

For now, stay safe, keep that mask on, and stay tuned for exciting new content from this neck of the woods.

- AH

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