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The Marianas' new single 'When You Talk' is a glittering throwback to the 80's sprinkled with hints of modern innovation encompassed in a textured mixing pot.

Combining a beautifully nostalgic tone with excellent concomitant guitar, and a splendidly warm and energetic bass groove, 'When You Talk' is a continuation of great work from the Marianas. The nature of the track is so familiar, yet astutely unique in its formation, as sweet vocals dance around smoothly before the lively and electric guitar solo jumps into the spotlight; expertly played with a lovely timbre.

The band have found the right blend of sentimental and original. All too often artists try too hard to focus their music on synthesisers in order to ram the 'we like 80s music' pill down your throat, but these guys have nailed the subtlety of the hearty pads, at all times accompanying the vocals or gently supporting the standout guitar.

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