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A few weeks ago on March 26th, South English/Welsh border outfit Sub Cultures released their self titled EP, recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios.

Sub Cultures are an energetic Indie/Alternative group full of charisma and interesting pacy sequences.

First track 'Comedown' is a truly interesting piece. A rather sinister bridge section is sandwiched between fluctuant and edgy hooks. The guitar on this track is really standout, not only for its audaciousness, but also the clever intricacy as it bounces between being poppy and somewhat emo, think Sorority Noise. Dynamically the song shifts often, but is always exciting, even in the quietest moments. Front man Kane Radnor's vocals are punchy and punky, which just adds to a pretty unique sound.

Following next is 'Enjoy Yourself', a single released late 2020. This is more of a bop and comparative to bands such as the Night Cafe. A long stretch of instrumental opens the track, but the energy and spirit continues from the first track. The classic rock inspired guitar solo, blended with chunky hints of 90's grunge is a great direction to take the song, steering it away from being lumped into the standard Indie category.

Artwork for the Sub Cultures EP

Track 3, 'Friends' is the highlight of the EP, especially in terms of musicianship and fascinating textures, with a more Prog-Rock focus. Although it is consisting of a lot of instrumental, this doesn't hold it back from being a thoroughly cool song. This is the point where the band show off their expert ability to sound huge by using reverb and chorus instead of in your face massive chords. The groove is funky, and almost math rock, and I dig it.

Closing the EP is 'Ride With You', a track similar to 'Enjoy Yourself' but much more solemn and dark. Initially you may think you know where it's going, but takes some unexpected turns, most notably the total groove changes, and a head banging middle hook.

Whilst initially you may feel like you know where these songs are heading, Sub Cultures have shown with this EP that there is far more to them than the simple 'Indie' label. There are so many contrasting influences in this EP; Math, Emo, Indie Pop & Grunge, which is ambitious and the 4 piece have managed to pull it off, and sound like themselves. We're eager to see what's next for the guys from South Wales.

Check out the EP here and follow the band online here.

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