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Longcoats are back with two belters; 'Pretty In Pink' and accompanying B-Side 'Wait For You'. Releasing midnight tonight (April 16th), Neck Of The Woods was lucky enough to receive the tracks early, and it was a treat.

Photo by Wilf Thompson

Longcoats have a knack of producing consistent bangers whilst remaining forthright and meaningful.

Kicking off with 'Pretty In Pink'; a buoyant anthem filled with polished lead guitar propelling the tune along, working in tangent with frontman Ollie Sharp's sincere and compelling vocals. With previous releases, Longcoats have always held a strong bond with the 2000s (the golden age of Indie music), and that link has been maintained whilst also maturing. 'Pretty In Pink' is strides forward from preceding work and fully captures a melancholic mood to tug at your heart strings; fantastically through the use of strings in the chorus.

Talking of the chorus, it's marvellously textured and layered to create a thick and full sound. Neat chanting backing vocals exquisitely complement the already moving melody. As a stickler for overlapping vocal layers myself, this is the standout moment of the tune for me, closely followed by the agile pre-chorus lead guitar that seamlessly leaps around in the background, shifting the tune into a new gear, without becoming overbearing.

Artwork for Longcoat's single 'Pretty In Pink' by Immy Clark

The single is coupled with B-Side 'Wait For You', which supports the lead single with quirk and candidness. Slightly more gritty, but just as fetching, it is reminiscent of previous single 'Drag' (2020), so if you enjoyed that, you'll love this too. As a stand alone track, it would probably hold up pretty well, but definitely takes a back seat compared to the main focus here. That being said, there is some super cool expressive bass parts here.

The best thing about these 2 songs is that they aren't trying to be anything else than what they are. The upfront honesty, matched with excellent playing and developed songwriting makes for a truly pleasant listening experience.

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