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REVIEW: Kudos - "Close Those Blinds"

KUDOS are an up-and-coming UK based alternative rock band emerging from Bristol. They combine hard captivating guitar riffs with catchy choruses, and use guitar effects to incorporate psychedelic and shoegaze soundscapes with indie-style song writing. This is accompanied by a chaotic, yet tight and characterful rhythm section, influenced by elements of dance rock, to create the unique sound of KUDOS. In a live setting, the band provides energetic and emotive performances that captivate and enthrall audiences.

Image by @arunchrislucas

KUDOS have announced their much awaited second single ‘Close Those Blinds’. Following the release of their debut single ‘Far Away’, the band have been playing shows supporting bands such as The Rahs and Airways, and a headline show featuring newly incorporated live visuals, across Bristol & Bath.

We sat down and checked out 'Close Those Blinds' and we were immediately hit with an awesome intro with guitars reminiscent of the early 2000's British Rock scene. The song settles on a tight groove with plenty of callbacks to the likes of The Smiths and the Pixies. The whole song is a refreshing and catchy whilst still drenched in nostalgia - sure to be a fan favourite for a long time.

'Close Those Blinds' is out on the 8th July. To celebrate the release of their second single, KUDOS are playing a show at The Crown in Bristol on the day of release for ‘This Feeling’. This show will include live visuals; a newly incorporated element of the band’s live shows. Find more at


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