• Neck of the Woods UK


Straight up old school rock, but unashamedly so.

Photo by Tom Dodd Visuals | Artwork by Johnny JL

H.O.X have been hibernating for around a year now, as a lot of artists have, so it's great to see them get back on the train.

"Redemption Day" is a time travel trip back to the 80's. It's playful, and unperturbed by its very obvious influences. The first thought that jumped at me upon listening to the track was that the band clearly enjoyed themselves here. There's a hopeful tone across the whole track, emphasising togetherness and friendship. Some may say it's cheesy, and they probably wouldn't be wrong, but you can't deny the feel-good vibes here. Honestly, the positivity is absolutely welcome at the moment.

Totally reminiscent of the classic rock era, H.O.X are clearly pushing for the modern day development of this, bringing back the 'good old days'.

The single drops today, taken from the Nearing Arcadia EP which is due to be released on May 14th. Listen to the band on Spotify here, and follow them on Facebook.

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