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REVIEW: Ed Axtell - "Elijah"

Ed Axtell's debut single "Elijah" was released on May 14th, and is totally moving.

"Elijah" is gentle and swaying, and Axtell's vocals are earnest and touching, combining sensitivity with deep and emphatic passion. It's 4 minutes of thought provoking heart string strums, delivered delicately and profoundly.

A shared feeling of many around Bath is that it's about time we heard some of the gorgeous music Axtell has written over the years, and this is a fantastic debut, encapsulating his poignant direction, a glimpse of hopefully what is ahead for the singer-songwriter.

Honestly stating that he takes his inspiration from Ben Howard, Passenger and Bon Iver, "Elijah" fits right into that bracket, bringing a tender blanket to comfort from the often harsh realities of life. Sounds a little deep? Probably because this song has made me think. A lot. Job done.

The single has already amassed over 2,000 streams on Spotify, and you can find it here to add to that rightfully growing number.

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